How Do You Play Football Squares?

Game Concept

A football squares game is a popular game using the score of an actual football game to determine a winner.

Once you pick an actual football game you'd like to use it's time to set up your squares game in It's a good idea to pick a game at least a week or more in the future in order to have time to find enough players for your game.

Game Setup Screen

Click the New Game button to start the setup. Give your game a name and input the two teams that are playing along with the date of the game. You also want to enter how much each square will cost players if they want to play. You, as the game manager, are responsible for collecting game money from players.

Next, indicate what the prize is for winning each quarter of the game. The winner is determined by the actual score of the football game at the conclusion of each quarter of play.

If you'd like to copy players from a previous game you can do that here, as well, and any additional notes you'd like players to see. Click Create Game.

Manager's Game Board

Now you'll see the manager's game board which will consist of 100 squares. You'll need to find players to 'buy' one or more squares to play the game. On the manager's board, each square has an 'Assign' button where you can enter player's names as they commit to playing. You can also remove players if they back out of playing.

Use the Game Financials button to keep track of which players have paid for their squares.

The score numbers along the top and left sides of the game board are blank until you're ready to close the game. You would close the game either because you've sold all the squares or the football game is ready to start. Since the winners of the squares is determined by the scores of the football game, you don't want people picking squares after the game has started.

Player's Game Board

You can also send invite emails to people asking them to play and allowing them to choose their own square(s).

Players can use the link you send to keep track of the game and see winners as you update the scores.

Update the Scoreboard

When it's time to close the game, choose to close from the Edit Game button or the Close Game button on your My Games page. You'll choose how you want to game numbers generated. Usually, the most fair way is to have the system randomly choose the numbers but this is up to you.

Now you have your score numbers and it's time to watch the football game! At the end of each quarter, enter the score of the game in the scoreboard. The winner of each quarter is the square matching the 'ones' number of each team. In this example this first quarter score is OSU: 14, FLA 3. The 'ones' digit for OSU is: 4. For FLA it's: 3. So, the winner is the square at OSU: 4, FLA: 3. This repeats for the score of each quarter and the final of the game.

Player's Game Board

When the game is over and you've entered all scores you're asked to Finalize the game.

That's it! It's up to you to distribute prize money to the winners. Have fun!