Football Squares

For fundraising. For fun.

Create a game. Invite others to play.
It's simple and as little as $1.50 per game

Football squares pools are great fun for the workplace or group of friends. They also make for easy fundraisers.

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Office/Work Pools

Football squares is a fun, team-building, game to play with co-workers.

Whether or not you're a sports fan, playing football squares can bring people together in the workplace. Players don't have to be a sports fan to join in the fun. Everyone likes a chance to win money.

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Perfect for youth sports, boosters, church groups and more!

Consisting of 100 spaces for sale, you can use football squares as a great fundraising platform by splitting the pot between your players and your organization or cause. For example, say you sell squares at $50 each. That's $5000! Split the pot so $2500 goes to your winners and your organization keeps the other $2500. Pricing and payouts are all up to you.

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  • Managers can assign or pick squares for players
  • Email invites to players so they can pick their own square(s)
  • Quick links to post invites on social media
  • Financial report to keep track of who has paid you for their squares
  • Generate game numbers in order or random
  • Copy players from previous games makes creating squares for multiple games easy